Crooked Mountain Cabins are rustic and charming cabins located on the southern border of  Riding Mountain National Park, a short 20 minute drive away from the park entrance. Many guests choose to split their time between the quiet and peaceful cabins and RMNP, which is a thriving outdoor experience full of charm and endless possibilities. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Set off a quiet country road, the view of the wildflower field and forested area is a delightful oasis all its own. A 2.1 km private hiking path roams and wanders through the wooded area near the cabins. Whether you’re a city dweller hoping to spend time in the great outdoors, or an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys time in the quiet of nature, Crooked Mountain Cabins is the place for you.

Phone:   1-204-868-0328
Address: Pacey Lake Road, South East of RMNP