Clear Lake is a four-season destination—but it’s a very different place at different times of the year. Experience the hustle and bustle of the summer, the quiet calm of the winter, the first hint of spring, or the most picturesque fall foliage at Manitoba’s most accessible national park.


The town is busy and brimming with people in the summer—but the adventurers can still find their stride on the many trails or a quiet place out on the water.


The tide starts to shift in the park in the fall, with its cottagers leaving the park behind, making space for the folks seeking a more peaceful pace of living.


Winter is warmly embraced in this town. What does a Hallmark movie look like in full swing all winter long? That’s the kind of magic you’ll find here.


Where else do you want to see the first signs of spring but in the great wide wilderness? Observe the first crocuses poking through the ground and all life reawakening in Clear Lake’s forested beauty.


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Peaked roof of a Clear Lake Cabin


Explore Clear Lake Like Never Before: Winter

Carve out a new winter tradition at Clear Lake.

Young person skating on Clear Lake with a hokey stick.


Explore Clear Lake Like Never Before: Summer

Answer the call of Clear Lake in summer.

Mountain bikers enjoying the view from atop a smooth stone peak.