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Whether you’re here for a relaxing holiday or here to get your heart rate up, Clear Lake is one big adventure park with a townsite packed with amenities open all summer-long.

Select year-round establishments, like a gear rental shop, Nordic spa, idyllic accommodations and a few bars and restaurants stay open during the winter and shoulder seasons. Summer is a time to socialize and connect with nature—while the winter welcomes folks who want the wide open wilderness to themselves and a few other like-minded adventurers.

Wasagaming, CA
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Riding Mountain and Wasagaming

What stuns people about this park is it’s so unexpected—rolling hills and grasslands lead you to a prized park flanked by the northern boreal forest, wild marshes and wetlands, and a collection of over 150 sparkly lakes. The aptly-named Clear Lake is as clear in summer as it can be during the winter freeze. Pegged as an “island of wilderness,” Riding Mountain National Park sneaks up on the landscape to deliver a rugged adventure park waiting to be discovered.

The region is commonly known as just “Clear Lake” by those familiar with the lake’s epic summer draw—where tens of thousands of cottagers and summer vacationers flock to call the area their summer home. The main townsite, more formally called Wasagaming, is filled with quaint Parkitechture, myriad restaurants, ice cream, fashion and gift shops, and is located in Manitoba’s only national park that’s accessible by road: Riding Mountain National Park.

Resting near the western-most part of Manitoba, Clear Lake is easily accessed by car while travelling major highways. Find it just three hours west of Winnipeg and one hour from Brandon where you can find the nearest commercial airport.


Wildlife spotting in Clear Lake is a must. Its marshes, wetlands and forests make an ideal home for critters and large mammals alike.

Known as one of the best places in Manitoba to spot moose—you can also seek out the captive bison herd that lives at Lake Audy, or take a drive or hike watching for deer, black bears, lynx, foxes, wolves, elk and great grey owls along the way.

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park passes

National park passes (motor vehicle permits) are required to enter the park and can be purchased at the park gates during regular office hours. Passes for youth 17 and under are free. For more information on passes and permits, visit Parks Canada’s site.


The Lake Awaits

Experience the pristine waterways of Clear Lake Country.

People paddling on Clear Lake at sunset.


Hiking Clear Lake

Hiking in Clear Lake Country is easy to access and stunningly scenic.

Person looking out over trees on Reeve's Ravine trail.


Enjoy the Peace & Tranquility

Unwind with a spa treatment or sunset canoe ride.

Adventure & Outdoors



This might just be the most beautiful place you ever ride.

Vintage style bicycle standing at the shore of Clear Lake.


Fun for the Family

Popular spots where the whole family can make memories.

Children at picnic tables learning from an educator at Clear Lake.

Need a little guidance on what to do when you’re here? We’ve collected all the best seasonal itineraries, trails and best bets to help you plan your next adventure.


There’s no shortage of enticing places in town to indulge in comfort fare, a cocktail or pint, or a cottage staple like fresh baking, ice cream or a latté on-the-go.

Take a piece of this outdoor haven home—whether it’s a keepsake, a gift or a new clothing staple, you can find everything you need and a little something extra in town.

Whatever ambience you’re after, whether rustic, cottage-chic or somewhere in between, you’ll find the perfect place to host you right in town or just outside the park among our wide-spanning accommodations.

Sometimes what you need is a little more practical—and we’ve got plenty of helpful services and tradespeople in town and the surrounding area to help you get what you need done.

Ready for a visit, but not sure what to pack for? We’ve got all four seasons’ activities and attractions covered so you don’t have to guess what you’re heading into.


The Wasagaming Chamber of Commerce helps represent the many locally-owned businesses and corporations’ interests in our town, bringing a voice to the collective and coordinating our efforts to encourage a sustainable business environment in Wasagaming.

Interested in joining the Chamber? Fill out the contact form below and we’ll be in touch!

Bags, belts, hats and scarfs for sale at Clear Lake