There’s something magical about fall’s introduction in the park. 

There’s a peacefulness that sets over the waning days of summer. Summer visitors head back home and those seeking a more peaceful place enjoy the solitude and introspection fall provides. Not to mention, nature stuns in this park—visitors get treated to one of nature’s greatest spectacles—the theatrical turning of the leaves, in an unbeatably picturesque park. The best part? While the summer crowd thins, a few shops and restaurants remain open to serve you fall fashions and comfort fare.

Find Your Way to Bald Hill

It’s not that hard to get to Bald Hill when you know the way.

Silhouette of people against a starry sky at Bald Hill

In the Lap of Luxury

From early tee times to sunset cruises, enjoy a luxurious day.

Poplar Ridge Golf Course

Get Set for Adventure

Ready for a vacation full of adventure and exploration?

Person standing on a dock at Clear Lake

Grey Owl’s Cabin

Grey Owl’s log cabin remains 8.9 km from the Grey Owl trail head off of highway 19.

Person standing at the entrance of Grey Owl's Cabin

10 Manitoba Cabins, B&Bs, And Unique Stays That Are Open Year-Round

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Peaked roof of a Clear Lake Cabin