There’s a certain magic to winter in Clear Lake that comes from the distinct quiet and comfort of a town taken over by just the adventurous few ready to embrace winter’s charms.

The town hangs string lights and dreams up skating rinks just about everywhere it can to add a sense of whimsy to the experience. Snow sculptures, ice rinks on frozen lakes and pop-up restaurants have all been embraced by Clear Lake Country, and there’s no telling what we may dream up next. Winter also tends to be the most enchanted time to see the northern lights dance across an otherwise dark sky speckled with stars.

Winter Fun at Clear Lake

Enjoy a winter wonderland at Clear Lake

Two people in light layers enjoying hot drinks by a hire in the snow.

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Person standing on a dock at Clear Lake

Grey Owl’s Cabin

Grey Owl’s log cabin remains 8.9 km from the Grey Owl trail head off of highway 19.

Person standing at the entrance of Grey Owl's Cabin

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Peaked roof of a Clear Lake Cabin

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